Wrap yourself in the splendor of a genuine brain tanned buffalo
robe. Tanned by the same process Native Americans have used for
centuries, these robes are hand tanned using only natural oils and
wood smoke. This avoids the harsh and often toxic chemicals used
in commercial tanneries. These robes are soft, supple,  and durable,
with a price comparable to a commercially tanned robe.
Each robe is individually tanned with an emphasis on quality.
I have 17 years of tanning experience, so if you would like to own the
"Real McCoy"  try one of these robes for camping, wearing, rugs etc.
I also offer brain tanned elk, moose and buffalo leather.  I also
produce buffalo rawhide and rawhide products, such as drums,  
knife sheaths, shields, boxes etc.  In addition I will also tan your
hides or furs.  
Buffalo Rawhide Pieces
$4 sq.ft
Best Price Per sq.ft.
Good for smaller projects
Beaver and Coyote Skulls:
Nicely cleaned quality skulls
Buffalo Moccasin Soles:
Softened buffalo rawhide
flexible tough and easier to sew
       $14 a pair
Nicely cleaned buffalo bull skulls